Sarah Jessica Parker carries a purple velvet Chanel Boy Bag in NYC (5)

Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker strolling through the West Village on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the beautiful New York City weather with her adorable twin daughters. SJP’s carrying an extra covetable purple velvet Chanel Boy Bag from the Fall 2012 runway collection. Amanda actually loved this bag so much, she put herself on the wait list for it, but opted out when she saw the bag’s $4K-plus price tag. [Ed. Note: I mean, that's just kind of a lot for velvet, right? -AM] This bag is no longer available, but you can shop a selection of vintage Chanel bags via ShopBop.

It’s a bit of a shock to the system to see someone trotting out the velvet this early in the year – I love velvet, but I’m still having a hard time processing that it’s fall and not summer. I’ve only just rotated my long-sleeve shirts and light sweaters from the back of the closet, even though it’s really still too warm for them. A velvet Chanel bag is like a smack in the face. My autumn wardrobe is not prepared, you guys! If you’d like to check out SJP’s many, many non-velvet bags, we’ve got you covered, right this way.

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    Sarah Jessica Parker is a true fashion icon.

  • twirler

    $3k or $4k? I bought this bag from the Chanel store in NYC for $3k last December. maybe mine is a different shade of purple?

    • Amanda Mull

      They quoted me over $4k when I put my name on the waiting list, I believe, but that might have been an error on their part. It was months before the bag actually came in.

  • kaloka

    Its insane! I mean for a velvet. Hello!

  • yeh


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