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  • ericadr

    love her sandals! who makes them?

  • JDWShopper

    They look like Michael – Michael Kors Alexi sandal

  • Oliana –

    Nice and v.chic! Reese is looking good!

  • Guest

    Wonder if she’s got a bottle of vodka in there, too…

    • Guest

      If they tried to card her, I’m pretty sure she broke out the “Do you know who I am?” Lol!

  • Aoedele

    Not a fan either, imo, she has not been good since The Man In The Moon. But her purses are awesome.


    I like this website!

  • shueaddict

    I just love her casual style. She’s not edgy, she just knows what works for her.

  • guest

    So what if she picks up groceries wearing Fendi bag? It’s not a big deal! Most people have errands to do, so they pick up groceries with their ultra-high end ultra expensive bags all the time, as it is unwise to leave your bag in the car.

  • Chahoofin

    I think she looks casual and comfortable…I like how understated the bag looks even though the price is anything but understated…spendy….maybe she had to sell off a few of her “Goose” stocks. Kidding…she’s great!

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