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  • Candace

    I really like this bag in white. None of the other colors of this bag have moved me to want one. Pretty, pretty!!!

    • Christine

      I completely agree. White is fantastic and the other colors…eh


    High Bag. You’ll be clawing for the perfect summer bag.

  • louch

    What sandals is she wearing? I love them.

    • She’s wearing Chloe Bi-Colour Sandals. Yeah, I love them too.

  • Nívia

    the guy who seams to escort her is a shame walking next to her, is he the one from the market place who´s carring her purchases? or, is he her gardner?….he´s probably one of this choices all in his poor and ugly sandals “havaianas”

    • Guest

      Or maybe he is happy enough to choose his shoes for comfort b/c he knows that his “ugly sandals” don’t define his value as a person. Your comment is disturbing on so many levels.

  • AMDG

    Maybe she is trying to make up for the “Don’t you know who I am?” bad press incident with the police and her drunk husband. Do love the sandals though.

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