Reese Witherspoon carries a white Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag (5)

Reese Witherspoon was in fine spirits when the paparazzos caught her running errands in Santa Monica, but you know what they say: when you look good, you feel good. (Sadly that isn’t always the case for Reese, who always looks fantastic but doesn’t always look happy to see cameras. Still, it’s nice to see her smiling and laughing here, nonetheless.) You’ll notice she’s carrying a bright white Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag with gold hardware that pairs perfectly with her orange floral print mini, white blazer and hemp jewelry. This buttery leather satchel can be had for $1695 at Neiman Marcus.

We’ve already profiled a sizable portion of Reese’s bag collection in “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon,” but if any celeb is deserving of a second edition of “Many Bags,” it’s definitely Reese. She’s on PB almost bi-weekly with a new little designer something or other, and there have been precious few repeats as of late.

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  • Candace

    I really like this bag in white. None of the other colors of this bag have moved me to want one. Pretty, pretty!!!

    • Christine

      I completely agree. White is fantastic and the other colors…eh


    High Bag. You’ll be clawing for the perfect summer bag.

  • louch

    What sandals is she wearing? I love them.

    • Petra B.

      She’s wearing Chloe Bi-Colour Sandals. Yeah, I love them too.

  • Nívia

    the guy who seams to escort her is a shame walking next to her, is he the one from the market place who´s carring her purchases? or, is he her gardner?….he´s probably one of this choices all in his poor and ugly sandals “havaianas”

    • Guest

      Or maybe he is happy enough to choose his shoes for comfort b/c he knows that his “ugly sandals” don’t define his value as a person. Your comment is disturbing on so many levels.

  • AMDG

    Maybe she is trying to make up for the “Don’t you know who I am?” bad press incident with the police and her drunk husband. Do love the sandals though.

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