Rachel Bilson Leaves Her NYC Hotel On A Rainy Day.

It looks like rain, Rachel Bilson. Better run that little red Loeffler Randall Rider Bag home fast. You wouldn’t want to get it wet, after all. We took an in-depth look at The Many Bags of Rachel Bilson a few months ago, and this Loeffler Randall represents a startling breakaway from her usual Louis Vuitton hobos, Botkier satchels, and Fendi totes, both stylistically and, well, price point-wise. Rachel’s everyday bag choices are big, bulky, and neutral in color – not to mention, très expensive. This Loeffler Randall represents quite an economical choice for Bilson at only $495 via Loeffler Randall.

While its tight, boxy lines and bright hue are a tad startling, Bilson is a professional – sh has certainly flirted with tomato red in the past. Every hundred moons or so, Bilson will blow our minds with an unapologetically red bag choice – like a bright red, woven 3.1 Philip Lim Page Bag or a neat little red Jimmy Choo Blythe Satchel. And when better to break out the bright red than when your outfit is a carefully curated balance of beige, black, and brass tones? You can pick up your own red Rider bag for $495 via Loeffler Randall.

  • XXL

    :O what are those shoesss!

  • Joanna

    I love her! hart of Dixie :)

  • anouk

    She has a style of her own, indeed!

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