Lately, Megs and I have been fawning over Loewe bags so much that you’d think we were getting paid to do it. (We’re not.) (Call us, Loewe.) They’re exactly the type of thing that hits a bag lover right in the heart: incredible materials, quality craftsmanship, classic designs that can be had in a variety of looks, from traditional to funky. The line’s profile is growing steadily among accessories aficionados, and it looks as though Loewe has scored itself another high-profile fan – Pippa Middleton.

Pippa has made a couple of handbags famous in her day – the Middleton sisters have a way of making accessories sell out, so much so that Modalu named Pippa’s favorite bag after her when she made its sales jump through the roof. Because of the Loewe Amazona‘s elevated price point, we doubt that Middleton’s fandom will have such an immediate effect on sales (the Modalu bag, after all, retailed for about $300), but it certainly can’t hurt. Check out more photos of Pippa and here Loewe love after the jump or scoop up the bag for $1557 via Matches.

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  • Donna

    This bag looks great. I wish I could see it in person. The leather looks divine.

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