petra nemcova anya hindmarch bag1

Stepping out of New York cab, the stunning beauty Petra Nemcova was spotted. I must admit, Petra makes me a little jealous times a lot. The fact that she is Czech born, as is Vlad, leads me to feel a tad inadequate next to this Slavic beauty, but I am over it. What I love is her street chic style, Petra was sporting an Anya Hindmarch Elrod Metallic Bag with perfectly complemented her little black dress. This is a style that Anya has become famous for, and I will admit I have been eying this exact metallic rendition also. Coming in just under $1000 via AH online, this bag is a sure fire hit being toted by a sure fire beauty.

Larger pic of the stunning bag and gal below!

petra nemcova anya hindmarch bag

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  • Sarah

    Nearly bought this bag myself, but being a mere 5ft 3 it looked huge on me. So i got a teeny tiny Chanel instead. Petra looks gorgeous with the bag though. x :smile:

  • cosmofunshop

    Absolutely agree… the bag is sumptuous and beautifully roomy for day to day. I love the silver hook accent on the corner. …. and Petra… simply gorgeous.. :wink:

  • hi

    :oops: i love you petra nemver jejjeje loca

  • hi sweety,

    i hope you are well, my name is wowa i ´m from germany and would like to text with you because you look very interessting but just in a good way so i would be happy to hear from you.

    take care

    huge hug

  • Denisa

    ahoj Peťulo,
    jsi moc krásna…Fandím Ti, jen tak dál. S chlapama si starosti nedÄ›lej, on se ten pravý jednou ukáže.

  • arun

    Hi ! petra,i am arun from india,i would like to hear from you.
    you are a stunning beauty……

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