Here’s actress Julianne Moore, strolling around in NYC’s West Village (her home turf), carrying a black and white leather Reed Krakoff Track Tote that truly pops with her black and white polka-dotted shirt (and her general “low-key weekend New Yorker” vibe). You can score Julianne’s exact top-handled tote for $1,390 at Net-A-Porter. This brand is particularly adept at creating functional, oversized handbags; case in point: this giant Reed Krakoff Kit XL Clutch we saw Kerry Washington carrying last year.

Reed Krakoff was, of course, the former Executive Creative Director of Coach until he announced that he was parting ways with the company last spring to focus on his own namesake label, which he subsequently bought from Coach the following August. (You can get all the details on his split from Coach and the re-acquisition of his brand here and here.)

At a certain point, once you’ve been rich and famous for a few years, shopping for yourself has to lose some of its fun. Especially if you’re a star like Katy Perry, who’s known for her style and, as a result, regularly receives freebies and loaned stunners from basically every brand she could desire. What’s a pop star to do then? If Perry’s weekend Instagram is any indication, she’s chosen to scratch the shopping itch by buying a Chanel Mini Flap Bag for her infant niece. (more…)

Here’s Kesha (Yes, she dropped the “$.” Now how will she ever distinguish herself from all the other Keshas?) about to board a flight to Tahiti at LAX, carrying a pale, non-leather Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. You can find a woven cotton version of the Falabella in “bisque” that’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer (and impromptu trips to Tahiti) for $1,780 at Bergdorf Goodman.

In random celebrity hair news: green hair chunking is suddenly a bizarre new trend among celebs – Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and Kesha have all dyed their locks green within the last few weeks. If you want to ride the wave of this fun, yet presumably extra-fleeting fad, you should probably get chunking within the next 36 hours.

Celebrities: they’re just like us, at least in that some of them go all-out for Easter, and others can’t figure out why the grocery store isn’t open on Sunday morning. Everyone from Fergie to Duchess Kate (who had her Alexander McQueen clutch altered to replace the holiday-inappropriate skull clasp) was out and about yesterday, and we took the opportunity to chronicle their Easter handbag choices, no matter whether they were headed to church or to pilates class.

Here’s Olivia Wilde, sipping a milkshake in the West Village while doing crazy things for maternity fashion. Olivia has accessorized her chic, all-black ensemble with a black suede Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bag. This bag was actually inspired by a similar 1940′s design from Gucci’s archives. (I imagine the vintage version might’ve had just as much bamboo detailing, but not nearly as much fringe.) You can obtain Olivia’s exact bag for $2,500 at Gucci.

If you’re not prone to wearing all-black ensembles in mid-April, I feel obliged to point out that this bag is also available in a pleasing range of bold, eye-popping spring hues. The Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bag was an obvious choice for our round-up of the “16 Best Fringe Bags For Spring”. We also took an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the exquisite craftsmanship behind this unique handbag in “Inside The Making of a Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bag.”

Here’s Lauren Conrad, shopping in West Hollywood, carrying a calfskin Balenciaga Papier A4 Tote in a shade of blush-beige that’s pretty perfect for her traditionally feminine style. (Also, it’s further proof that the pale bag trend continues to dominate this spring.) She’s quite skillfully accessorized her bag with color-matching sunnies and ballet flats. You can get Lauren’s exact bag for $1,445 at Barneys.

Lauren is quite a fan of Balenciaga; she owns quite a few of the brand’s bags, and many of them are featured in “The Many Bags of Lauren Conrad.” In case you haven’t been keeping up with all things LC lately, Lauren is currently in the midst of planning her wedding. She’s engaged to William Tell, the former guitarist for emo band Something Corporate, who’s currently attending law school at USC.

There are few more controversial figures in American pop culture than the Kardashians, and they’re controversial in exactly the ways that make for excellent bag-spotting. Extravagant, conspicuous, exhibitionistic – the Kardashians have a lot of stuff, and they’d like to show it to you. That makes Khloe Kardashian a perfect candidate for our weekly handbag examination. Sister Kim had the biggest collection we’ve ever documented, but Khloe does a pretty good job of accumulating luxury handbags in her own right, including a colorful array of Birkins. (more…)

The stars of The Other Woman have been promoting their new movie all across the globe. Last week, we spotted Kate Upton carrying a Fendi 3Jours Shopping Tote while doing a little shopping with costar Leslie Mann in Paris, and this week we have Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz carrying (sort of) matching Celine Luggage Totes at the airport in Sydney, Australia! Kate is carrying a beautiful blue Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote, and Cameron has a tan leather Celine Phantom Luggage Tote. Leslie Mann is also pictured, but we can’t see what she’s carrying. Having Kate, Cameron and Leslie travel the globe as a roving group has certainly been a deft ploy for press attention.

Kate has a special affinity for her blue croc Celine bag (and a strange affinity for bags in that exact shade of blue, which we’ve already discussed at length). Here she is carrying the same bag back in September. Eight months of regular usage is a crazy amount of traction for a celeb handbag, but if I had ponied up the kind of cash that croc Celine demands, I’d probably insist on being buried with it.

Generally, stars vary their day-to-day handbag choices quite a lot. Not only does the average celebrity have plenty of money to buy whichever bag she might desire, but most are also regularly sent the Next Big Thing by brands with which they have existing relationships. Not only does it help the brands subtly promote their products, but it gives stars new things to be photographed with every time they leave their houses. Sometimes, though, a star loves a bag so much that it becomes a constant companion, and that appears to be the case with Taylor Swift and her Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag. (more…)

Gisele Bundchen was recently spotted leaving lunch at Nello in NYC to embark on a little shopping spree. She’s carrying an Alexander Wang Diego Leopard Bucket Bag, which was produced several years ago and is completely sold out. Gisele is a friend of the brand and has walked in Wang’s runway shows before (despite the fact that she rarely deigns to walk during NYFW), so it makes sense that she managed to get her hands on one. You can still find a plain black version of the Diego (which I would not think of as plain in any other context) at Bergdorf Goodman for $875.

Gisele is a supermodel who pops up on our radar a lot less frequently than Alessandra Ambrosio or Miranda Kerr, but that’s because she lives a more low-key (though no less luxurious) celebrity lifestyle. Nonetheless, it’s hard to speculate about a celeb’s bag-buying, designer-loving habits when they manage to strategically avoid the paps like Gisele does. We did catch her back in February at LAX with a chic, black Balenciaga Tube Shoulder Bag, though.

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