Here’s Lily Allen, returning to London on Tuesday after attending the Met Gala in NYC Monday night, where she wore head-to-toe Chanel. Incidentally, she’s carrying a grey version of the Chanel Graffiti Backpack here with at least two Fendi Bag Bugs dangling from the zipper pull, which amounts to proof positive that Lily Allen is basically Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite person in the whole world, at this moment in time. You can currently snag a Bag Bug for $800 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Lily has enjoyed the benefits of a close relationship with Kaiser Lagerfeld ever since she was selected to be the face of a Chanel campaign back in 2009. She’s been carrying a ton of Chanel and Fendi over the past six months, but she does occasionally step out with other high end brands like Givenchy or Saint Laurent. You can see the bulk of her extremely enviable handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Lily Allen.”

We’ve been celebrating moms all week, and today, it seemed only fitting that we use our weekly celebrity handbag extravaganza to look at what some of the most famous (and most stylish) celebrity moms on the planet carry when they’re out with their kids. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Angelina Jolie, we were incredibly impressed by how these moms manage to keep it all together under intense paparazzi attention. Of course, being rich and famous probably helps in that pursuit.

Jessica Simpson and her forever fiance Eric Johnson flew in to Washington, D.C. together over the weekend so they could attend the White House Correspondents Dinner. (Why they made the guest list is anyone’s guess.) Jessica is seen here carrying an Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag at the D.C. airport. The bag is, of course, from several years ago, before Hedi Slimane took the reigns at YSL and promptly dropped “Yves” from the brand’s name, and it’s been unavailable for some time. You can shop a broad selection of recent Saint Laurent handbags, shoes, and apparel at MATCHESFASHION.COM.

Jessica’s Roady has certainly held up well over the years. It seems to be exactly the kind of bag I always picture Jessica Simpson carrying – an oversized hobo or satchel. Sometimes she goes for something with sparkle, and other times she reaches for a little leopard print. If it’s pricey and gargantuan, it’s definitely within Jessica Simpson’s designer handbag wheelhouse. You can see exactly what I mean if you check out “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson.”

The Met Gala is like the fashion industry’s prom; the popular girls and boys come out in their finest gowns and baubles, ready to celebrate their own fabulousness and that of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the 2014 Met Gala had a rather straightforward theme (“white tie and decorations,” or, in other words, “very fancy”), stars, models and socialites still managed to find plenty of places to infuse their own personal style into their sartorial choices. Below, we used Photoshop’s handy-dandy zoom function to get a closer look at what some of the red carpet’s most notable fashion stars carried, all the way from Chanel candy to heavily embroidered Marchesa.

Here’s model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, leaving her London home with a Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag in tow. As you might have guessed, this bag is part of a namesake capsule collection that Cara recently designed for the brand. The bags are Fall 2014, so they’re not yet available for purchase, but that zany Fendi Bag Bug that Cara’s sporting on her Mulberry bag can be pre-ordered for $800 at Bergdorf Goodman.

It’s been a turbulent year for Mulberry – creative director Emma Hill and CEO Bruno Guillion both left within months of each other, and the brand recently announced that they would be returning to the pricing structure they utilized before Guillion (formerly of Hermes) took the reigns. Essentially, that means the brand is lowering its prices, in a rather frantic effort to get back to its mid-priced, “It” bag roots. You can read all about that announcement here.

Here’s Taylor Swift, out and about in NYC because she is apparently contractually obligated to appear for cameras in at least one cute-but-attainable outfit per day, regardless of weather conditions. Taylor is carrying a Dolce & Gabbana Agata Bag that she’s been favoring recently. The Agata does not seem to be available online at the moment, but you can shop an extensive selection of Dolce & Gabbana at MATCHESFASHION.COM.

Before Taylor started carrying this bag, she was quite enamored with her Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag. In fact, she toted it around so often that we wrote a post about it. Taylor got her own edition of “The Many Bags of…” back in 2012, but her taste in handbags has evolved quite a lot since then. Her selections are always extremely versatile, just like the Agata and the Sara, and they tend to see a lot more daylight than the vast majority of celebrity-owned handbags.

Here’s actress Naya Rivera carrying an Hermes Kelly Bag during a recent coffee run in LA. We saw Naya pair this same Kelly with a drastically different outfit during New York Fashion Week back in February. The Kelly is generally considered a more ladylike bag, but the brand’s popularity among the young and rich has resulted in some less traditional styling, like you see here. (Hermes plus Nikes. Discuss.)

It has not been a great couple of months for Naya Rivera – first her engagement to rapper Big Sean went down in flames, and just yesterday it was announced that she won’t be re-joining the rest of the Glee cast for its sixth and final season, perhaps due in part to her behind-the-scenes feuding with co-star Lea Michelle. But as long as you have a good Hermes bag (and a few lucrative endorsement deals on the side), life can’t be all that bad, eh?

Although most of our celebrity handbag coverage is US-centric, we try to keep in mind that not only are a lot of our readers not American, but a lot of fantastic handbag collections exist in the closets of celebrities beyond our shores. We do our best to find those celebs in the archives of our photo agency, but over the years, I’ve noticed one very clear thing: paparazzi seem to love taking pictures of European athletes’ wives, girlfriends and ex-wives more than anyone else on the entire continent, or some reason. Those women also carry a ton of flashy handbags, perhaps unsurprisingly. (more…)

Here’s Goldie Hawn, out and about in LA over the weekend, sporting a look that’s very popular among wealthy ladies of leisure: Lululemon sweats and pricey designer handbags. The bag is a Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Quilted Satchel, and it’s from the brand’s Scotland-themed Metiers d’Art collection from last year. We loved that collection so much, we profiled it on three different occasions. You can see Chanel’s Paris-Edimbourg handbags here, the accessories here, and even more handbags here. (I don’t think tartan has ever looked better.)

Goldie probably has a pretty killer handbag collection, but it remains largely undocumented by paparazzi. She does share a love of Chanel with her daughter Kate, however, who has been hounded by paps pretty extensively over the years. You can peep at Kate’s bag stash in “The Many Bags of Kate Hudson.”

Louis Vuitton just reintroduced its classic Lockit bag (which originally debuted in the 1950′s), and A-list celebrities are taking to it like flies on flypaper, which bodes extremely well for the brand. Here’s Reese Witherspoon, leaving The Ivy in Santa Monica after lunch this past weekend, carrying a brand new, bright pink Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag. Karlie Kloss was among the first to carry it in public last week, and her Soft Lockit was pastel pink. Both Reese and Karlie’s bags already have customized initials on the cloche. No word on price and availability to the public yet, but those details should be made available shortly.

The Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit was one of the sexier bags featured in Michelle Williams’ latest LV campaign, which emphasized the brand’s latest crop of luxe, logo-lite options, like the Soft Lockit, the Capucines and the Alma. I actually greatly prefer the grey Soft Lockit with contrast stitching that appears in the ads to either Reese’s or Karlie’s.

Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-2 Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-3 Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-4 Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-1

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