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  • abigail

    if i could find one of these bag i’d totally fork over the money to get one! they’re so hard to come by!

  • tess

    and so incredibly tacky!!!!!!!!

  • Cloy

    I love more her bracelet

  • Jill

    Reminds me of a geologic map.

    • MichelleChristiecuf

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    • VanessaFrostickava

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  • Charlie

    Personally I love this piece because of its uniqueness, not sure if she is pulling it off though

  • Courtney

    Not sure which is uglier – the purse or that romper she has on.

    • Zezza

      Ha … I agree on the outfit …. Yuk!

  • Natasha

    Personally I think the bag looks tacky and cheap the way she is wearing it. I love Chanel BUT I’m sorry she is not working it especially with what she is wearing and it looks like something you could pick up for £10 at the local market x

    • MarkCValdez

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  • LuxuryMuse

    I’m sorry but she looks hella trashy.
    She’s ruining the purse’s aura. Ugh

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