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  • twoturntables


    • twoturntables

      Also, I really love Nicky Hilton’s style. I don’t always like it or would wear it myself, but she takes risks and she looks fabulous.

  • Nicky’s style is leagues beyond her sister’s . Watch and learn Paris, style is something you can not buy

  • anouk

    i would choose Nicky over Kim K. any second, any hour, any day! This lady is definitely born with style!

  • pixiegirlie

    I love the pic with Paris in just her dress and Nicky is in a coat, scarf, & pants. She’s like I’m not cray cray like my sis it’s freaking cold out!

    Please don’t do a many handbags of Paris I don’t think her style/collection is worth the time and energy it would take to compile. Unless you want to capture the style of hungry.

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