Nicky Hilton carries a Chanel Quilted Chain Strap Bowler Bag in LA (5)

Here’s heiress Nicky Hilton, pairing what we’re going to call a Chanel Quilted Chain Strap Bowler Bag with a casual, hi-low skirt and a top that says – yes, you’re reading that right – “LOVIN Paris.” Get it? We’re a little unsure of the exact name of this style of Chanel bag, but we welcome input from Chanel aficionados in the know. You can shop a gorgeous selection of authentic, pre-owned Chanel bags at Portero.

As you might suspect, Nicky Hilton’s bag stash is pretty ridiculous. In fact, “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton” was one of the longest and most popular editions of “Many Bags” we’ve ever done! The girl is literally up to her eyeballs in every “It” bag from the last decade. Any purse you’ve ever pined for uncontrollably is probably sitting pretty in Nicky Hilton’s massive bag vault as we speak. (I’m just assuming she has one, because really, you’ve got to protect that kind of investment.)

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  • thescm

    I’m not feeling the bag (I know, sorry) but I love hi-low skirts.

  • Vicky

    It’s from Chain Around series. Chain Around bowler.

  • Ari

    Are you sure about the “LOVIN” part? That looks to me like the LANVIN logo.

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