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Ok you all are way too smart. You pick up on the bags and celebs carrying them as fast as I post. So for a little more of a challenge, although not much, can you name the celeb with this hand and the wallet? The hand is a total shot in the dark in my opinion- because I, myself, could not see this hand and name the celebrity whose body it belongs to. This lady was spotted walking outside of Nobu Berkeley, London. But the wallet I am sure many of you will get. So go to it! And if you need a hint of the gal, hop after the jump and check her out :grin:

teri hatcher style
Hey Terry, a smile never did any harm!

Images via Celebutopia

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  • mary anne

    Teri Hatcher, wallet is by Marc Jacobs

  • jen

    What happened to Teri Hatcher?!? She used to be sexy in the 90s.

  • Sara

    I second jen’s comment, Teri Hatcher used to be so pretty, now she looks like a train wreck! :shock: And if it weren’t for her nails I could have sworn that was a man’s hand carrying that purse. This women has got some serious man-hands!

  • Kaisarine

    yup yup it is a Marc Jacobs clutch!! :eek:

  • JNH14

    I’d be happy to look like her! She’s 42 and has a great figure-no wrinkles! I should be so lucky! :grin:

  • Teg

    its most def a marc jacobs wallet/clutch.

  • Superqueen

    Nice clutch!
    @JNH14: I’d be happy to look like her at 42 only if I knew it was all due to nature and not to botox/other treatments. She looks gorgeous but her face nearly doesn’t move :sad:

  • Lillian

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I really like to go shopping for purses. Anyways, I love to go to the mall! Ta Ta!!!!! :?:

  • soundjade

    i had my hands on the same wallet!! but in blue…

  • Craig

    Hey, Jen and Sara, let us see what you look like. My guess is you two are the building the train wrecked into. She looks great.



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