Name that Bag Katie Holmes

The entertainment world is obsessing over Katie Holmes right now because of her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise, and I’m focusing on her as well, but for different reasons. I’ve had a thing for Katie since her Dawson’s Creek days, and as much as she and her life has changed since then, her style has been on an upward trajectory. Since news of her divorce hit the media, Katie has focused on living a more down-to-Earth lifestyle with her adorable tot Suri.

I usually cringe at the weekly celeb rags that have a section claiming celebrities are just like us, but it looks like Katie is actually trying to achieve a more normal existence, from walks to school to grocery store visits to riding on the subway. Just because she is trying to live a more normal life doesn’t mean the paparazzi is allowing it, though – they continue to follow her every move. This week, they followed Katie underground and onto the subway, where Katie tried to fit in like the rest of us New Yorkers on the the most common form of NYC transit. We’ve already covered the many bags of Katie Holmes, and today, it’s your turn – what, exactly, is that bag that Katie has in these pictures?

Kick off your Friday with a little Name that Bag fun!

  • bag lady

    valextra ‘tip tap’ bag


    I wish I Knew, it’s gorgeous!

  • Grace

    Yes it’s Valextra!

  • FashionableLena

    I agree with the previous posters since Valextra has made handbags for the Holmes & Yang brand. I believe this bag came out in 2010.

  • MaterialArchive

    Valextra Tip Tap for sure

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