Name Lindsay Lohan White Bag

Let’s spice up Tuesday a little bit with some LiLo! While not everyone may like her, she sure does have an amazing bag collection. Who can Name Lindsay Lohan’s New White Bag?? And for a little bit of ease, why not name the blue bag her friend is carrying :-)

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  • dutchdiva

    the blue bag is an Birkin bag, made by Hermes

  • monte

    Yves Saint Laurent “muse” bag!

  • Carola

    That`s the YSL Muse Bag, with a red Alexander McQueen scarf on it…. And the other one is the clasic Hermès Birkin Bag.

  • Milly Anderson

    The bag is YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) I got one of them in black from Saks Fifth Avenue.

  • Pinky

    :) that’s easy, the white one is MUSE from ysl and the blue one is the greatest hit :) BIRKIN from Hermes

  • Naggy

    I like the scarf but I don’t really care for the bag that it’s on. (ipad)

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