Jennifer Garner Handbag To stay on top of your toes, let’s all play an easy dose of Name That Bag! Jennifer Garner is a sexy momma with a sexy hubby and carrying a sexy handbag. This should be an easier guess, but can you name the bag Jennifer Garner is carrying?

{Hint: For an easy helpful tip, check out the celebrity section on the purse forum}

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  • Lu

    It’s the Prada Cervo Antic Satchel. Personally I prefer Marc Jacobs’ bags!

  • peace43

    I like it!!! It’s a beautiful brown color and looks great!! (But, too expensive!)

  • jewelweed

    I have it and I love it still. The real thing looks more gorgeous than in pix.

  • pnk

    It’s a prada bag

  • Haydee

    I love that bag so much!!!!!!! it’s my first ever favorite bag. I have to be proud of my DH for buying it for me.

  • Naggy

    Good work bag for a hard-working woman. (ipad)

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