Cindy Crawford

One of the world’s most notable faces was seen shopping recently. Looks like she is checking out a Juicy dress for her daughter – so cute. But this bag is completely not known to me. Name Cindy Crawford‘s Bag!! Can any of you name this bag? If so, I might give you a cookie ;-)

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  • Sook

    The bag is from Anya Hindmarch and its called Whistler.

  • cs06

    Darnnit, I was too slow and missed the cookie! Yes, it is definitely Anya Hindmarch. Love it! Go Sook!

  • Saudi Diva

    yup, right on the money :) it comes in bronze & black and retails for $760 @ Saks

  • Naggy

    Um, that’s too cheap-looking. (ipad)

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