Picture #2 of “Name That Bag!”

Britney Spears Name that Bag

Tell me the designer of the bag and the shape for full points!! (by shape I mean messenger, hobo, etc) This one shouldn’t be too hard ;-)

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    it looks like she’s carrying a Be & D studded satchel.

    • Gal

      I think so too.

  • Kim

    Be & D Studded Satchel

  • Sandy Mitchell

    Be & D studden satchel?!

  • jen

    looks like the Be and D satchel to me….

  • lmpsola

    Designer Nicky Hilton, and shape I think it is a tote bag.

  • Noriko

    Looks like the Be & D Studded Satchel.

  • billyjoe

    i thought it was fendi….

  • Christina

    Bowler, Chloe???

  • anna

    BE & D, but not sure of the style… shoulder bag?

  • Laurie

    BE& D Studded Satchel

  • dottcomm1

    the bag brittany’s carrying is a kevin federline. designer: trailer park. shape: slightly out of shape.

  • Jessica
  • cork

    be & d studded satchal

  • pinkmink


  • Caroline

    The Be & D studded bag in white

  • Cassie

    it looks like the you’re a star bag. samantha thavasa by nicky hilton

  • M

    Ever heard the song, “Two trailer park girls…”

  • Naggy

    I don’t like it at this angle. (ipad)

  • KY

    I didn’t know this one. (ipad)

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