Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Givenchy Antigona Bag

Here’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, making air travel look especially glamorous at JFK. She’s carrying a Givenchy Ayers-Trimmed Antigona Bag, one of many Givenchy bags in her collection. Throwing gorgeous supermodels a few freebies has to be a lot cheaper than paying whatever their going modeling rates are these days. It’s one of the more economical ways luxury brands can market their new goods, and it seems to be a strategy they’re relying on pretty heavily as of late. You can find a cobalt blue version of Rosie’s bag for $3,690 at Barneys.

I especially like this version of the Antigona because the snakeskin handles make it look like you’re doing a little Old Testament-style snake handling, AND carrying a Givenchy bag. If that combo doesn’t command respect, then what does? You can see all of Rosie’s luxe acquisitions (some of which we can verify she actually paid for) in “The Many Bags of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley”.

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  • Sandy

    Very stylish girl with a great bag…

  • abigail

    such an amazing style on this girl right here

  • B

    Once celebrities can afford the luxury goods, they start getting them for free. Must be nice.

  • Nívia

    To me, its just a wrong way to dress up, for travels

  • Lea

    Wrong shoes., planty of bijoux,
    High heels are never a good choice to walk in the airports
    She seams more she’s going for a walk in the shopping or on a cocktail at the end. of un ordinary afternoon

    • RhondaRChavez


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  • Rashmi

    I think Megs should consider getting the Antigona in this color!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I KNOW! I love this one

      • Allanah Mooney-Ricketson

        i was wonder if you could help. i just bought an Antigona and i think its legit but it has this weird
        thing. one of the small interior pockets (opposite the big zip pocket)
        has sort of a elastic/bunched top, i am 99.9 percent sure its real and i think ive seen the pocket before

      • ChelleL75

        don’t worry – the Antigona has those little pockets that don’t even fit your phone!

      • Allanah Mooney-Ricketson


  • Allanah Mooney-Ricketson

    i just bought an antigona and i think its legit but it has this weird thing. one of the small interior pockets (opposite the big zip pocket) has sort of a rushed/bunched top, like its elastic

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