• seasaltcaramels

    PERFECT. Again.

    • Amanda Mull

      She’s always so perfect, isn’t she? I can’t even be mad at her for it. I can just take notes and try to improve.

  • Karen

    Does anyone know what boots Miranda’s wearing in the first picture?

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Isabel Marant! Here is a link to them >>

      • Karen

        Yayy thank you :)

  • Alex

    She’s doing us Aussie’s proud!!!


    Wow…that was really cute collection of purses and handbags…Nice………………….

  • Lizzy

    STILL obsessing over her look in the 2nd picture…

  • Samira Reyes

    love that bag!! she looks amazing!!

  • Bunny_V

    i love her leather jacket, anyone recognize who its from?

  • Lisa

    Do you know if her Antigona is the shiny smooth leather or just the normal leather?

    • jesi

      its the normal one. the shiny bag has gold hardware

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