Miranda Kerr Valentino Lock Shoulder Bag

Here’s Miranda Kerr, donning a fetching, all-black designer ensemble in what is undoubtedly some of the nastiest weather we’ve had in NYC in several years, solely for the purpose of getting her hair done. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. (Meanwhile, the rest of New York is wearing puffy jackets, three layers of pants, beanies and rubber boots. Every day.) Miranda’s bag du jour is the Valentino Lock Shoulder Bag, which features just a light sprinkling of the brand’s trademark Rockstuds. You can currently grab Miranda’s bag for $2,245 at Saks. (It also comes in “Ivory” and a very pinkish “Taupe”.)

I love Miranda’s style, but I’m beginning to find it highly suspicious that the paparazzi can always find Miranda Kerr in NYC (regardless of what borough she’s in, what’s she’s doing, or inclement weather conditions), and that she always looks immaculately dressed and happy to see them. Even so, Miranda is one of the few celebs we found truly deserving of not one, but TWO editions of our beloved “The Many Bags of…” series. You can peruse all of her fabulous street fashion shots in “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr” and its sequel, “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two”.

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  • Sandra

    Well, even if she gets all dressed up and lets the paparazzi know where she will be….I still love her style…We have similar taste so I like to see what she picks.

  • http://withloveshmon.wordpress.com/ withloveshmon

    love her style!

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