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  • tommi

    this post made me laugh :)

    and that belt is tacky – even if it is chanel

  • SloSny

    I think she looks pretty chic here. WAY much better than her other looks in the few past weeks.

  • NB81283

    I would have loved this without the belt. Her body looks amazing!

    • Guest

      Her body looks like a twelve year old.

      • louch

        With fake boobs. She looks unhealthy. It is seriously scary for young women to thing this is a normal, healthy look.

  • Jennabug

    I’m pretty sure I have a nursing bra that looks just like that…

  • fuchsiafury

    I know she’s wearing Chanel all over, but I see Versace. The medallion belt, which is offset against a head-to-toe black underwear/outerwear ensemble has all the hallmarks of Versace.

    • Eli

      I must admit I’ve thought of that too but then I saw the interlocking CCs :)

  • Nívia

    I loved the pants and the top, the bracelet, and the sandals.
    Not a bit of the bag, the belt, and all this little things she has all over herthat´s too much

  • Siti

    I like her. Everyone should see her spirit. Live it up!

  • Jenny

    Girl needs to eat! She is starting to look like a bobble head figurine.

    • louch

      With you there – my first thought too.

    • anouk

      She’s turning to look like a sperm like Guiliana Rancic. Sorry, my bad. Can’t blame me, that’s what i see.

  • Abbi

    Anyone seen the rugrats? Miley looks like Angelica’s doll Cynthia…

  • KellyX

    Why cant I lose weight like that too. do I really have to starve?

  • sonya.dos

    Yuck. I wish people didn’t like her so she wouldn’t be famous. I never understand fandom. Even commenting here probably boosts her paycheck and media presence. Stupid me.

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