Miley Cyrus Valentino Neon Camouflage Rockstud Tote

Miley Cyrus was recently spotted leaving the 100 Club in London, carrying a Valentino Neon Camouflage Rockstud Tote. I suppose she’s now fully recuperated from exhaustion, or a bad reaction to antibiotics, or whatever they’re blaming her recent hospital stint on this week. You can get a neon pink version of Miley’s bag for $1,545 at Neiman Marcus. I like Miley’s 90s alterna-teen outfit, but an oversized tote really doesn’t seem like the ideal bag choice for clubbing. (I suppose not everyone’s down for my trusty “stuff money and ID in bra” approach.)

Select A-list celebs are crushing hard on Valentino’s Rockstud + camo combo. Katie Holmes actually owns two different Rockstud camo bags, to date. This seems to be Miley’s first Valentino Rockstud acquisition, but you can check out her extensive and extremely decadent handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus”, and its absolutely necessary follow-up post, “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus, Part II.”

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  • Sandy

    It is a crazy bag…but I love it!

  • KMoya

    Does anyone else find neon camouflage a little ironic?

    • kieraeastedi321

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    • shueaddict

      Truly ironic !!!

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