Maria Shriver carries a burgundy crocodile Birkin (5)

Maria Shriver, her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and a PUPPY were recently spotted shopping at Cross Creek in LA. Maria was carrying a gorgeous, red Hermes Crocodile Birkin. From the lovely, slightly slouchy look of the leather, it appears as though she carries it regularly and has for some time. Croc Birkins cost well into the five figures, and the price varies greatly depending on the size.

I suspect most Birkin-loving celebs swap out their Birkins once the stiffness of the leather starts to give, but it’s nice to see someone who clearly gets a little use out of a bag for which they paid such a princely sum! After all, Birkins are meant to be used, and not sealed away in the original box in a locked vault and left to accumulate value. (Though the latter idea isn’t a terrible one for the long term.)

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  • Rashmi

    Can someone ID her sunglasses? me likes!

  • louch

    are there closer pictures of that puppy – it’s SOOOO cute :)

  • Kattuggla

    Gorgeous birkin, actually more beautiful this way.

  • kemilia

    Finally, a Birkin I like!

  • Duim Daley

    She very simple woman, but her class up there like Birkin Love it..

  • QuelleFromage

    Birkins are not all stiff when they are new. Some of the most popular leathers (Clemence, Togo) are soft and slouchy; you can fold the bag over even brand new.

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