The Many Bags of Jessica Biel

Let me be honest, I used to watch 7th Heaven. On Fridays in middle school, my teacher would sometimes put 7th Heaven on in lieu of, you know, actually teaching, and I got hooked. Any form of watching a movie or video in class was always a plus at that age, and 7th Heaven can’t be considered highly educational, so that only made my tweenage self happier. Come to think of it, my parents must be thrilled to know that they paid tuition and I had a teacher that just popped a VHS in and sat at her desk.

Jessica Biel was one of the main characters in the show, the oldest daughter of a pastor, and she was always learning life lessons in that basic cable sort of way. Little did I know she would go on to become a body icon and fashion inspiration. A couple weeks ago, Jessica Biel married my middle school major crush, Justin Timberlake, thereby pretty much stealing my childhood dream. (Just kidding, love you Vlad). With her relationship with Justin and her rocking body, Jessica has been flung into the spotlight and she takes to it well. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to delve into her wardrobe, mainly her handbags. This week’s Many Bags of features Jessica Biel. I hope you enjoy it!

Might as well kick it off with a funky outfit, and while Jessica is usually known to dress demure, she rocked out an entire Isabel Marant look from head to toe, including the Isabel Marant Linda Elvis Bag. Shop Isabel Marant via Net-A-Porter.

I totally dig this funky little Fendi Daisy Beaded Clutch she was spotted carrying. Her style is usually very put together, so adding a little pizazz helps make her appear young and fresh. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

Jessica always looks stunning at red carpet events, and this is true when she stepped out for a night to celebrate women at the Variety’s Power of Women Event. Her ensemble was a smash – from her Gucci dress to her Louis Vuitton shoes to her Fendi Clutch. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

Knowing how to dress casual chic, Jessica brought her laid-back look together with a structured black bag.

Looks like our lady loves Fendi, as she carried yet another rendition, the Fendi Patent Logo Clutch. This time her Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2012 Feather Peplum Dress stole the show however. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

Hey look everyone, another day another Fendi bag. This is the Fendi Classic Baguette Bag in metallic silver. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

She loves wearing white and white looks good on her. Her gold Elie Saab bag works well with her Elie Saab dress. Shop Elie Saab via Neiman Marcus.

Ok, this is getting redundant, Jessica Biel really loves Fendi. But I must admit her personalized Fendi 2Jours Elite Shopper is quite the stunner. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

You don’t see many celebrities carrying Oscar de la Renta bags, but I suspect the number will grow. The Oscar de la Renta Dex bag is one of my personal favorites, and it looks like Jessica likes it too. Shop Oscar de la Renta online.

White and off-white makes constant appearances in her clothing and accessory choices. This time Jessica opted for the loosely structured Givenchy Perforated Leather Frame Bag. Shop Givenchy via Barneys.

In these next photos, we will be proven wrong in thinking that Mrs. Timberlake only carries Fendi bags, because she really loves her Tod’s Signature Chain Handbag. Shop Tod’s bags via Saks.

See, she clearly loves it…

… and she loves smiling for us!

The color of her Valentino Rockstud Clutch has my heart going pitter-patter. Shop Valentino via Net-A-Porter.

You can’t call yourself an accessory lover without having at least one Chanel bag. Jessica does and it is the Chanel Classic Flap in black with silver hardware.

For her casual days, Jessica opts for a young fun bag – the 3.1 Philip Lim Sidra Camera Bag. Shop 3.1 Phillip Lim via ShopBop.

She has been spotted carrying her 3.1 Phillip Lim bag multiple times – over a span of a few years!

This bag is simple, and some days that is all Jessica wants – which any of us can appreciate.

Many photos show her wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, but she also likes their bags. I like the structured and rounded top handle on the Jimmy Choo Ruby Hobo Bag. Shop Jimmy Choo via Net-A-Porter.

Clearly, the new Mrs. Timberlake has an affinity for Fendi bags, not just the small variety. This time she wore an Erdem dress and carried the Fendi Mia Borsa Grande Bag. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

This outfit screams preppy, from her Tod’s D-Styling Bauletto Zip Bag to her blue and white stripe shirt to her blue blazer. Shop Tod’s via Saks.

Honestly, her taupe clutch is not what made me pull this picture – it is everything else. This outfit is chic to the next level!

Jessica’s Givenchy Perforated Leather Frame Bag already made an appearance earlier in this series, and it appears again. See, celebrities reuse their bags too! Shop Givenchy via Barneys.

Jessica loves to workout, and it shows. But just because she is going to the gym doesn’t mean she forgets to look presentable. For her boho style, Jessica carried the Jerome Dreyfuss Bruno Bag. Shop via ShopBop.

Looking quite demure with her Dior? Versace? bag, Jessica popped out to head to the Paris68 womenswear collection.

She carried that same bag again (seriously, I can’t figure out what it is) and wore a deliciously warm looking coat.

You can’t tell, but that is a beautiful feminine Louis Vuitton bag and with it Jessica paired orange The Row sunglasses. Shop The Row via Net-A-Porter.

At first I couldn’t place this bag, but then I remembered it is Chanel. Jessica clearly has some interesting oldies in her collection.

Sometimes she wears a clutch that isn’t really a clutch, it’s a miniature black bag.

And lastly, we are taking the photo and the bag back old school – to one of the original Be&D Hobos.

  • twirler

    yuck, hate her “style.” and how many people does she need carrying umbrellas for her??

  • Ashleyg

    I heart Jessica and (for the most part) her style. LOVE her shoes- we need a “many shoes of” on Talk Shoes :-)

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      That is next on our list!!!

  • Nouf

    Is the black structured bag Fendi 2jours?

  • Zala Yamato

    Man, she does love white! Love her coats!

  • AshleyK

    ugh, her bags are just as boring as she is.

    • Joy Xu


  • Abbi

    What ever happened to those purse-onal posts? i really liked them…just seems like celeb gossip/reality tv gossip on here now :(

  • Sam L

    I love her!!! Her style is so classic and beautiful!

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    There’s something utterly annoying about a woman who can’t be bothered to carry her own umbrella.

    • anouk

      so true! victoria beckham doesn’t carry her own umbrella either! pfft!


    She never looks…bad, per se — but why is she dressed like she’s going to meet the Queen Mum in half of the pics? As for the bags, I actually am most impressed by her gorgeous coats! Her bags don’t really do it for me.

  • ackc1966

    I love her style and she looks the best she ever has.

  • FashionableLena

    That Oscar de la Renta bag is by far my favorite.

  • jess

    this is my only fav look and she’s rocking a prada probably the only expensive bag she owns …she needs a new stylist or

  • jess

    its dior that bag is on sale now for like $600 sad…. i need to shop for her i carrie better bags and I’m a guy

  • sealover

    Omg she has no sense of fashion at all.. that’s what a mad woman or old lady dresses like.. she’s beautiful though

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