The Many Bags of Jessica Biel

Let me be honest, I used to watch 7th Heaven. On Fridays in middle school, my teacher would sometimes put 7th Heaven on in lieu of, you know, actually teaching, and I got hooked. Any form of watching a movie or video in class was always a plus at that age, and 7th Heaven can’t be considered highly educational, so that only made my tweenage self happier. Come to think of it, my parents must be thrilled to know that they paid tuition and I had a teacher that just popped a VHS in and sat at her desk.

Jessica Biel was one of the main characters in the show, the oldest daughter of a pastor, and she was always learning life lessons in that basic cable sort of way. Little did I know she would go on to become a body icon and fashion inspiration. A couple weeks ago, Jessica Biel married my middle school major crush, Justin Timberlake, thereby pretty much stealing my childhood dream. (Just kidding, love you Vlad). With her relationship with Justin and her rocking body, Jessica has been flung into the spotlight and she takes to it well. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to delve into her wardrobe, mainly her handbags. This week’s Many Bags of features Jessica Biel. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • twirler

    yuck, hate her “style.” and how many people does she need carrying umbrellas for her??

  • Ashleyg

    I heart Jessica and (for the most part) her style. LOVE her shoes- we need a “many shoes of” on Talk Shoes :-)

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      That is next on our list!!!

  • Nouf

    Is the black structured bag Fendi 2jours?

  • Zala Yamato

    Man, she does love white! Love her coats!

  • AshleyK

    ugh, her bags are just as boring as she is.

    • Joy Xu


  • Abbi

    What ever happened to those purse-onal posts? i really liked them…just seems like celeb gossip/reality tv gossip on here now :(

  • Sam L

    I love her!!! Her style is so classic and beautiful!

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    There’s something utterly annoying about a woman who can’t be bothered to carry her own umbrella.

    • anouk

      so true! victoria beckham doesn’t carry her own umbrella either! pfft!


    She never looks…bad, per se — but why is she dressed like she’s going to meet the Queen Mum in half of the pics? As for the bags, I actually am most impressed by her gorgeous coats! Her bags don’t really do it for me.

  • ackc1966

    I love her style and she looks the best she ever has.

  • FashionableLena

    That Oscar de la Renta bag is by far my favorite.

  • jess

    this is my only fav look and she’s rocking a prada probably the only expensive bag she owns …she needs a new stylist or

  • jess

    its dior that bag is on sale now for like $600 sad…. i need to shop for her i carrie better bags and I’m a guy

  • sealover

    Omg she has no sense of fashion at all.. that’s what a mad woman or old lady dresses like.. she’s beautiful though

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