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  • 42shoes

    What is going on with Salma Hayek’s sunglasses? They look like stickers pasted onto the picture.

    • Edia

      omg….so true O_____O

      • 42shoes

        If anyone reading has any idea who designed those sunglasses, I would be very interested to know!

      • Zaragoza

        They’re Balenciaga. Current season. Her entire look is new season Bal. Sunnies available at Farfetch and Balenciaga cyber store.

    • Curran

      Salma’s sunglasses look like a joke.

  • kindled

    Clearly SC with the SC bag is the winner.

  • AshleyG

    That Linda Fargo is CHHHIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCC!!! <3 her entire look!

  • I really like this mini trend. It makes the bags look more vintage and ladylike.

  • Jessica Martin

    nice dress

  • Curran

    Alma Jodorowsky’s outfit and bag look like they came from a thrift store.

  • PurseJunkie

    Several of these pictures–most notably Katie Holmes–are from a post from September 12, 2013. I think somebody got their fashion weeks mixed.

    • Venessa

      I agree…I thought I saw Marjorie Harvey’s pic before.

  • Renee

    Can anyone please break it down for my WHY the Sofia Coppola LV
    Bag is 5k? Seriously. I mean it’s great material, artfully made, but plain and very simple and unoriginal. Is the hardware made of 18 carat gold? Is it lined with 100 dollar bills? I mean wtf!?
    I know it’s LV but 2,300 seems more realistic.

  • Renee

    Love Linda Fargo’s bag!!

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