The Many Bags of January Jones Part Two

As we mentioned yesterday, the final season of Mad Men starts this weekend, and because several members of the PurseBlog team are totally obsessed with me show (present company included), we’re pretty excited. We also figured this would be a perfect time to update our handbag surveillance of Betty Draper herself, January Jones.

We first took a look at Jones’ collection back in 2012, and unsurprisingly, its grown since then. We’ve documented as many of the new additions as we could track down below.

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  • Monica

    uuuuggggh I just cannot see the fashion in those ripped mom jeans…

    • anouk

      On the contrary, I find them very sexy when paired with decent tops!

  • Petra B.

    The last bag is so classy ! Anyone knows who makes it?

  • Ebun

    Amanda, this new style of very detached. We miss your side commentary and wit!!! It made the article fun. At least sprinkle it under a couple photos, if not all. Bring it back! Bring it back! {chants}

    • wendyo123

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    • Jenni

      Yes it was much more fun !

    • Amanda

      Totally agree!

    • Amanda Mull

      I’ll see what I can do! The side commentary was making the TMBOs extremely time-consuming, so we’re experimenting with ways to balance the workload with the results.

  • shueaddict

    she’s also got some serious sunglasses game … And because I had time on my hands checking this out while stuck in traffic – I reckon January Jones has got a new bag each month since you last wrote about her – and at least around 30k worth of them.

  • anouk

    Quite an interesting collection, i must say!

  • Wow

    That Fendi bag’s amazing.

  • Saymama

    Her collection is super boooring! Save for 1 bag! Bleh!

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