She’s sure got a good taste with her Powerbook, but evidentally not for food. She should really lay off the coke and check herself into rehab. But who am I to judge her. Just a word of advice:

Kids, don’t try this at home!

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  • As someone who is naturally scrawny I can’t imagine why anyone with curves would deliberately do this to their body. I would kill to look like Lindsay did a year ago. It’s just sad.

  • Olivia

    Remind me to boycott Scoop … I fucking hate Tweety.

    Oh, Linds? Yeah, she looks like pan-fried ass. I too wish I could look the way she did a year ago.

  • you cuss well, olivia
    oh yeah, lindsay is starving herself, just to look good, i’m happy with who i am, and all of you should be too, watever happened to: it only matters wats on the inside? where is the love, people?
    i’m sure she will find that out for herself, so lets give her a chance(not that i like her or anything)

  • yomama, i totally agree lets give her a chance but seriously i also agree w/ olivia

  • Nee


  • lori d

    YIKES! SHe looks like a scrawny 50 y/o barfly

  • cybasistagirl

    Ginger Spice never looked so good!
    She’s the picture of health, yes?

  • Naggy

    I don’t think she looks that skinny, but it may be the lack of muscle mass that makes it look bad. (ipad)

  • KY

    What is she doing!? (ipad)

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