Lily Allen carries a Givenchy Mini Lucrezia Bag in London (5)

Here’s UK singer/songwriter Lily Allen, heading in to do some press for her snarky, satirical new single “Hard Out Here” on BBC Radio 1. She’s carrying a Givenchy Mini Lucrezia Snakeskin Duffel Bag in lieu of her usual Chanel picks and wearing the Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps. You can get Lily’s bag in “Pearl Grey” leather for $2,595 at Barneys. The CL Daffodiles seem to be long gone from stores, but you can pick up a similar pair of leopard print Christian Louboutin Leopard Lady Dafs for $1,075 at Neiman Marcus. The Lady Dafs are essentially the Daffodiles, but with a little Mary Jane styling.

“Hard Out Here” is Lily’s first new single since 2009. In the interim, she birthed two kiddos and fine-tuned her angst towards the music industry and its near-constant exploitation of female performers as sex objects. (Everyone’s looking at you, Miley.) The lyrics of “Hard Out Here” are pretty biting, and the video is a fairly scathing indictment of the industry as well; there’s a lot of debate raging about what this video is saying, whether it’s saying it effectively and if it’s further stigmatizing black women in the process. This is pretty heavy stuff for a Wednesday, no? What’s your take on the matter, PB readers?

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  • Rashmi

    Can someone ID her beautiful coat? thank you.

  • Crif Johnson

    Lovely coat and a lovely duffel bags! Looks great!

  • Sandra

    The bag is wonderful!

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