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  • jenny

    Love her coat!

  • Jeloi

    that bag is gorgeous, she really know how to get free publicity eventhough it looks like she has the “starship enterprise” on her head.

  • Faiza H

    Love Gaga and her crazy antics. Minus the hat the outfit is amazing. Would love to get my hands on that coat.

  • That bag is amazing.

  • Joshua

    I am loving her hat! As well as the rest of her outfit. I love this one more than her other crazy outfits, this one seems very editorial.

  • Crif Johnson

    Apart from her bag I just love the hat she is wearing. Amazing Stuff.

  • Silversun

    The coat looks like McQueen too. Gorgeous styling.

    ” (I enjoy how all the Brits in these pics look particularly blasé about the whole situation.)”
    LOL, totally agree.

  • Hadrien

    THAT hat is the statement, since everything else is so simple.

  • Beautiful coat!

  • Courtney McAlexander

    That coat is a-maz-ing. Love everything.

  • Joanna

    The bag is perfect!

  • Jane

    Love it all

  • N.

    I just added the bag to my wish list. It’s gorgeous. The most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen. I’ll take this over a Birkin anyday. If I’m gong to over pay for a purse, it may as well be on a design I actually like.

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