Lady Gaga carries an Alexander McQueen honeycomb bag (5)

Oh, Lady Gaga. Here’s her ladyship exiting her hotel in London, tempting fate and testing the patience of fashion lovers everywhere with a particularly outlandish hat choice. (I enjoy how all the Brits in these pics look particularly blasé about the whole situation.) When regarded individually, everything she’s wearing is pretty amazing, though I contend that her hat belongs in a museum and not on the head of an actual human being, for obvious reasons. Her bag of choice for this outing is a beautiful, glossy black Alexander McQueen Honeycomb Heroine Satchel. You can pick up the tote version of this bag for $3,209 at FarFetch.

Lady Gaga was a friend of the late, great Lee McQueen before his untimely demise, and her song “Fashion of His Love” is a tribute to the designer. She remains an ardent McQueen enthusiast, and made headlines in 2012 when she paid over $130K for a McQueen gown from Daphne Guinness’ personal collection at a charity auction; the most anyone has ever paid for any McQueen item.

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  • jenny

    Love her coat!

  • Jeloi

    that bag is gorgeous, she really know how to get free publicity eventhough it looks like she has the “starship enterprise” on her head.

  • Faiza H

    Love Gaga and her crazy antics. Minus the hat the outfit is amazing. Would love to get my hands on that coat.

  • Rachelle

    That bag is amazing.

  • Joshua

    I am loving her hat! As well as the rest of her outfit. I love this one more than her other crazy outfits, this one seems very editorial.

  • Crif Johnson

    Apart from her bag I just love the hat she is wearing. Amazing Stuff.

  • Silversun

    The coat looks like McQueen too. Gorgeous styling.

    ” (I enjoy how all the Brits in these pics look particularly blasé about the whole situation.)”
    LOL, totally agree.

  • Hadrien

    THAT hat is the statement, since everything else is so simple.

  • Mrs. Kolca

    Beautiful coat!

  • Courtney McAlexander

    That coat is a-maz-ing. Love everything.

  • Joanna

    The bag is perfect!

  • Jane

    Love it all

  • N.

    I just added the bag to my wish list. It’s gorgeous. The most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen. I’ll take this over a Birkin anyday. If I’m gong to over pay for a purse, it may as well be on a design I actually like.

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