Kyra Sedgwick takes a flowery stroll in NYC

Here’s a well-bundled, blizzard-proof Kyra Sedgwick, carrying a classic Balenciaga City Bag on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This bag is available in a whopping 9 different colors for $1,545 at Neiman Marcus. Just a reminder to the general populous, while we’re at it – as we reported two months ago, Balenciaga’s rose gold hardware bags are being phased out, so snatch those up while you still can!

Balenciagas are great and all, but I’m more distracted by the cookie Kyra’s carrying, because I suspect that it may be from Levain Bakery, which is near the Fairway in the UWS and, according to common NYC lore, has the best chocolate chip cookies EVER. Great, now I really want a cookie.

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  • Sarah

    If I remember correctly, Levain cookies come in little white lunch paper bags. This looks more of a flat bag and I think Jacques Torres (which is also right there) puts their cookies in these.

  • mark exclogi

    is this color pistachio?

    • Krisanti Pettersson

      Champagne. I have exactly the same bag.

  • Sue

    Could she be more adorable? or normal? Love her…

  • My Purse Hub

    Love her and the gorgeous bag. I also think it looks like a pistachio color, which I love!

  • Yerani_km

    The flowers on the storefront are so fantastic and so New York! Even during a blizzard you can get your $8 bouquet.

  • Hilary Sloan

    I saw her carrying this same bag while on a walk with Kevin Bacon on a sunny morning last summer!

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