Kourtney Kardashian carries a baby blue Celine Trio Bag (5)

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian in Beverly Hills, rocking a striped (hot)pants suit while filming a scene for the upcoming eighth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her bag is a Celine Trio Bag, which is made up of three separate pouches that snap together, but can also be used separately, sans strap. Neat, huh? Prices vary a bit based on size, but you can expect to plunk down about a grand for this petite Celine creation.

Despite some hubbub about whether Kim Kardashian would even be back for season 8 of KUWTK, the gang is reportedly all present and accounted for – though both Kim, Kanye, and producer Ryan Seacrest have been very adamant that while Kim’s pregnancy will be a major plotline, the birth of little Kimye will NOT be televised. I can imagine all that definitely rubs Kourtney the wrong way, as she delivered both of her two babies on the show (much to our chagrin).

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  • Nívia

    I didn´t like it at all…
    It´s wird science to me… :-))))

  • Nívia

    but, anyway.. She´s more honest then others in the third world

  • Hazel

    does anyone know if that Chanel necklace is this seasons??? and the price? :)

  • http://www.purseblog.com/ Megs Mahoney Dusil

    I LOVE this bag… and I bought it in the exact same color about a month ago. She’s a beauty!

    • Karen Smith


  • Candace

    Those sandals are fierce! Anyone know the brand?

    • airwaterfashion

      those are by Tom Ford.

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