Kourtney Kardashian Celine Knot Tote
  • Rosa Lily

    It takes the right celebrity to set off a fashion trend.

  • Seres

    Oh god, bags aside, Scott’s pants look like he and Aunt Flo had a serious falling out

  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

    Love her outfit! So cool.

  • http://batman-news.com Marcy697

    She’s my fav Kardashian, but the fact that Celine keeps throwing bags at reality stars is a little off putting to me.

    • kate w.

      Are we sure that Celine is actually giving these stars bags? I’m not a fan of the Kardashians but I know that they certainly make enough to buy whatever they want.

  • Rashmi

    Emily and the rest, do you think the Celine Tie bag will be more popular than the Knot tote? I have a feeling it will be

    The Knot tote I heard is very heavy so perhaps that’s why it’s less popular.

  • louch

    Love her Chanel espadrilles. Bag – not so much. It looks awkward, heavy and very chunky. WTF with Scott?? Looks like he was wearing white pants and had some accident with beetroot.

  • louch

    BTW – does anyone know whose jacket she’s wearing?? I LOVE IT :)

  • shueaddict

    out of all K sisters she’s the only one with a very strong individual sense of style.

  • http://www.thebaghoarder.com/ TheBagHoarder

    I think the Knot isn’t as refined and classic compared to the other Céline it bags. I like almost every Céline bag but this one doesn’t have ‘it’.

  • Keiah

    For a second there, I thought she was carrying a picnic basket.

  • http://Bloggersboyfriend.com/ Bloggers_Boyfriend

    i really love her whole look with cool hair and boyish jacket. matched with these relaxed chanel shoes and The highlight at the celine tote!! xoxo