Kirsten Dunst carries a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag in LA (5)

Here’s a super casual Kirsten Dunst leaving the gym in LA with a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag. Celebs carry all manner of fancy designer bags to the gym, but this one gets us particularly excited because Mansur Gavriel is a fabulous New York-based brand that’s only in its second season of production. The company is basically brand new, and its bags are great – simple, minimalist and made of Italian leather. Amanda actually carries the same bag that Kiki has in these photos, and she loves it. It’s super lightweight and made of beautiful materials. Mansur Gavriel bags are also mercifully affordable – this bag retails for only $495.

But now the bad news: Mansur Gavriel has recently been declared “the next big thing” by almost every online fashion news outlet out there (including PB), and they’ve been scooped up by fashion types in the know at a blazingly fast pace. So of course, this bag is completely sold out, and the brand won’t be able ship more until the end of the month, and then again in December. If you MUST have the Bucket Bag (and we agree that you absolutely MUST), you can stare at it longingly here.

[Editor's Note: Here's what I know about upcoming availability of these bags, straight from the designers. The October delivery will happen in a few days, it will be the smaller of the two upcoming shipments to retailers and will not include black-with-red Bucket Bags, but does include a couple other colors options. If you email, they will help you figure out which retailers will carry the color combo you're looking for. The late December delivery will be to Net-a-Porter, among others, and it'll include the black-with-red Bucket. I hope that helps everyone who's been searching for this bag! -Amanda]

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  • Mkay

    Nicole Kwon in Dallas, TX is getting a shipment on the 26th i believe. Not sure if there are any that will be part of the store merchandise because mine is on reserve from a pre-order in July.

    • Becky McElhaney

      Are you getting the black/red bag?

  • Guest

    Everyone is searching for it because the company seems to be giving them away to bloggers and actresses instead of selling them. Note to handbag manufacturers who are not Hermes: don’t make me wait to give you my money.

  • Lilly

    What boring bag.

  • sara

    What is so special about this bag? It seems very basic. I am not sure what the appeal is.

  • J

    Jenni Kayne in Santa Barbara has a few Cammello Rosa Bucket bags left. They won’t last but a day or two. Such a stunning, simple bag with amazing craftsmanship. The appeal is obvious imo.

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