Kim Kardashian Style

Not really even sure what she is ‘famous’ for, but the sometimes-friend-of-Jail-Bird-Paris-Hilton makes her way into the spot light by sticking out her rear. Yes, her derrière. I personally would not be surprised if Kim Kardashian had some sort of accentuating pad in place or even buttock-augmentation surgery. Either way, she is not famous in my book and her whole butt-trick is nothing new to me, but I love her clutch. Love love love it. So let’s have a little Friday fun, can you Name that Bag!?

Check out her ‘signature’ derrière pose below!

Kim Kardashian Style1

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  • QueenLM


    • Rich Kid

      Aww yeah I’m rich and can afford designer handbags and thats defiantly Chanel, I have tons of them.

    • Lynda

      It’s chanel! Deffinately chanel. My sister inlaw owns a black one. It’s about $1,500.00.

  • Erin

    It’s hard to see past the unnecessary cleavage, but it does look like Chanel.

  • Gina

    It’s the Chanel Timeless Clutch in lambskin!!

  • Ania

    Yup, definitely Chanel. It’s the same one Posh’s been seen toting a while back

  • GuZ

    oh! the chanel timeless clutch I love it!!

  • cosmofunshop

    luscious white Chanel… :razz:

  • Dani

    A beautiful chanel timeless clutch….

  • Otter

    Love the Chanel cluch — don’t like the cluck carrying it though.

  • Roxana

    damn, that women got some ass! whahaa :lol:
    The clutch is vewwwwy nice though, obviously the chanel clutch as noted by the other girls…

    • Roxana

      I ment woman… :grin:

  • EmilyGL

    I was thinking Chanel as well. I’m not quite sure why this girl is getting so much press though lately just for having a sex tape.

    • Olivia

      You damn right! She’s only famous for having sex ! How gross!!!!!

  • hal

    well even by hollywood standards this girl is goregeous, albeit not famous.

  • emlovr3689

    CHANEL CLUTCH…that girl is pretty because of all the plastic surgery she’s gotten…

  • leah

    CHANEL ooooo….comes in black too rite? :smile:

  • Vivien

    Without a doubt Chanel.

  • SS


  • Rachel

    i ♥ chanel!!!!!!!! :smile:

  • merve

    sooo chanel, i thought it signified class and timeless elegance.. so why is this woman carrying one? they should have a door policy.

    • Roxana

      she probably borrowed it from her friend Paris, since she doesn’t need it this month.. :wink:

  • jade –

    its Chanel quilted clutch from fall 2006 to be exact. :]

  • noor

    :lol: chanel :grin:

  • Genny Princess

    Well…it looks like a Chanel bag…

  • eduan

    hoi bejby du bisch so geil ej kuku mashallla

  • juan camilo

    hola bb kim Kardashian me gustaria chatear con tigo mi correo es soy de colombia – medellin me llamo juan camilo galeano perez . un beso para una muerj tan hermosa como tu



  • emita

    a like so much her bag

  • Reshhia

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