Kim Kardashian Bottega Veneta Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Paps recently caught up with Kim Kardashian on her way into the Heritage Auctions offices in Beverly Hills, carrying a bag we’re calling the Bottega Veneta Crocodile Shoulder Bag. This exotic bag fits in nicely with the rest of Kim’s high-end minimalist, post-Kanye wardrobe, but sadly, as with nearly every other bag we’ve seen on the arm of a celeb this week, it is not yet available to the public. It seems celebs simply can’t wait any longer to flaunt their Spring 2014 wares. In the meantime, you can shop a wide selection of Bottega Veneta at Net-A-Porter.

Heritage Auctions, of course, is notorious for its designer events, which are chock full of rare, exotic, and unusual high-end handbags (and it’s no secret that they are friends of the blog, for obvious reasons). Earlier this year, they helped Kim unload two Hermes bags that didn’t quite jive with her freshly rebranded sense of style. I can’t help but wonder if she’s eyeing something from the auction house’s upcoming December sale, or perhaps negotiating to sell more bags from her stash via HA in the future.

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  • Nik

    Is anyone else sick of seeing Kim in crop tops and too-tight skirts?

    • anouk,

      you’ve got company, luv! She’s tryin’ too hard! can’t she just leave this style to Kylie and Kendall, jesus!

  • Gabriel

    Kim Kardashian has this weird talent of making even the most expensive high-end designer items look cheap.

  • Canuck65

    Love the bag – hate what she’s wearing – such an elegant beautiful bag is deserving of much more than something than a cropped t-shirt and a too tight stretch skirt.


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