Kim Kardashian carries a black suede Balenciaga City Bag at the airport in Los Angeles. (5)

Kim Kardashian and her baby bump were recently spotted clad in all black and Balenciaga at LAX after getting off a return flight from Atlanta. Her bag is a black suede Balenciaga Baby Daim City Bag, and her black gladiator sandals are the Givenchy Embossed Rubber Grommet Sandals. While we couldn’t find this exact City bag online, the Balenciaga Baby Daim Classic Velo is available in the same color and material as Kim’s for $1,545 at Barneys. You can also buy Kim’s sandals at Barneys for $280, which seems like a bargain for anything Givenchy, though we have to reiterate that these shoes are made of rubber.

Kim K. has been wearing a ton of black and Givenchy since she hooked up with Kanye West – likely at his behest, of course. Personally, I kind of miss the bright colors and excessive boobage of Kim’s pre-Kanye wardrobe. Am I alone here?

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  • Jame Ervin

    I agree her clothing choices were much better before the Yeezy-intervention.

  • bir

    Kanye should stick to dressing Kanye a minimalist Kardashian is like trying to make a Rolls Royce compact car !!! impossible in all honesty i cant believe the lack of personality and willpower………..and im not a kardashian hater !!! truly….

  • ?????

    I think she’s dressing like her mother. Kris Jenner always wears black on black on black.

  • dnfl

    who else said “all black everything” with the trinidad james song melody

  • Adrine

    Not really feeling the look.

  • clarissah96

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