Kendall Jenner Balenciaga Giant Covered City Bag

Kendall Jenner was recently seen leaving a salon in LA (wearing a baseball cap after a hair appointment?) carrying a Balenciaga Giant Covered City Bag. This bag is at least a couple years old and is no longer manufactured by the brand – it seems highly likely that Kendall borrowed it from a big sis. The closest thing currently made by Balenciaga is the Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City Bag, sold for $1,895 at Balenciaga.

We haven’t given every Kardashian sister the “Many Bags” treatment yet, so the Jenner sisters are probably even further down the list. However, I’ve loved the bag choices Kylie and Kendall have been making in the last year. They’re both particularly fond of Givenchy and Balenciaga. While they haven’t moved very far beyond either of those brands just yet, Kendall is gaining a crazy amount of traction in her modeling career, and all that time spent behind the scenes at runway shows is probably not for nought.

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    I wish I got to look into Kendall and Kylie’s closet and bag collection. I can imagine at least 6 balenciagas and 5 Celines… What lucky teenagers…

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