Kelly Osbourne visits the TODAY Show in Rockefeller Plaza.

Here’s the ever-eccentric Kelly Osbourne, looking a tad like a 90s cartoon superhero taking a personal call. (I mean that in the best way possible, Kelly. Respect.) She’s headed into The Today Show carrying a Chanel Classic Flap in a finish that we’re going to refer to as pearlized seafoam. Her dramatic eyewear comes courtesy of Alexander Wang – you can snag those same extremely angular frames for $345 at Net-A-Porter.

We’ve been combing PurseForum for clues about this specific version of the Classic Flap. Chanelophiles, can you clarify a few points for us regarding this unusual Chanel colorway? Is this in fact, the metallic patent “Aqua Green” hue offered several years ago, the patent “Aqua Green” offered during Spring 2012, or is it something else entirely? This doesn’t look like patent leather to us, but with that lighting, we can’t exactly be sure. What are your thoughts, PB readers?

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  • ingrid

    the shine on the top of the bag would indicate that it is likely a patent leather

  • mollypete

    My guess is that it’s currrent 2013. There are several terrific bags in the new collection in a similar color. Given the lighting, there may be some distortion but I bet that’s what it is.

  • Jenny

    Definitely patent, and it looks very close to the current Spring patent green. It’s like a light mint metallic seafoam green (so many adjectives)! Not sure how it compares to the one a few years ago though.

  • Pixel_Queen

    Photographic proof that you can have access to the very best of everything and still manage to look like an idiot.

  • chanelchaser

    its metallic patent green calfskin from 13C in jumbo with SHW :)

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