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  • anonymous

    can we get pictures of what the inside of the bag looks like? i wonder if its open or zippered?

    • At this point, we can only get the pictures that Mulberry releases since the bag isn’t available in stores yet.

      • zappy

        Hi its a aligator, and its already available at the shops, but take note not all store carry this its limited pieces worldwide…thank you.
        zappy ming…

  • cleancty

    Any idea what the price point might be? Have to start saving my pennies…

    • We don’t know for sure yet, but the collection is supposed to be up for pre-order on Moda Operandi in the near future, so we’ll almost certainly know then. My guess would be $1500-$1700 for the big one in regular leather.

  • mlle p

    Not into the bag so much, but I really like Mossy’s shirt.

  • ann

    they probably gave it to her for free to advertise for mulberry. that wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Oh, I’m absolutely positive they did. I’m just not sure if they paid her an extra fee for carrying it on top of the free bag – she’s usually doesn’t wear/carry things that seem obviously “sponsored,” which is why I think that perhaps she just…likes it.

    • QueenPosh .

      I think Kate just loves the bag that is why she wears it. I saw her at Heathrow once and she was carrying it so she definitely uses the bag when she is off duty, not just for the paparrazzi.

  • SHS

    Does anyone know who designed her bracelet? I noticed it in the Mulberry show photos as well. Love it!!

    • Jack Oberle

      It’s probably Mulberry as well, they occasionally make small jewelry collections.

  • BBL

    its lovely but i guess its not a shoulder tote:(

  • VoiceofFasion

    she’s being paid for sure…..Mulberry picked a few girls to work with….such as Alexa, and since she’s british and have been carrying Bayswater for awhile, so why not her, The other two I remembered would be Kate Bosworth and that Olivia woman.

    • QueenPosh .

      Kate Moss doesn’t wear things she doesn’t like. I am sure many designers give her free items, but she only wears bags she really loves over and over again, regardless of whether she got it free or not. I think the Willow suits her perfectly, she makes it look super edgy and cool.

  • Suneeta Sandhu

    when is this bag in stores?


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