Kate Moss out and about in London.

Leave it to the ever-fashionable Kate Moss to be a step ahead of “it” bag trends. Here’s Ms. Moss gallivanting around Olde London Towne with a bold, black Givenchy Antigona. How many more celeb street style pics do we need to feature before we can declare the Antigona THE must-own bag of the season? Two? Six? You tell us, PurseBlog readers. So far we’ve seen this bag hanging on the arm of Miranda Kerr, Hilary Duff, and Kyle Richards. So Kate Moss makes four (if you’re counting Real Housewives as bonafide celebs. I’ll leave that to your discretion).

What’s up with Kate Moss, you ask? WELL, she’s just released Kate: The Kate Moss Book, a 368-page coffee table book from Rizzoli that runs gamut of Kate’s career. It’s been issued with a gob-smacking eight different covers! At $85, this hefty tome makes a perfect gift for the couture-obsessed friend who loves fashion/style. Kate’s PR peeps have also recently confirmed that she’s letting a documentary film crew follow her around for the full duration of her international book tour, so get ready to see more of Kate Moss in the next year than you thought you’d ever see. Let me rephrase that: Get ready to see even more of Kate Moss than the fully nude Kate Moss you’ve already seen. Pick up a Givenchy bag just like hers for $2405 via Barneys.

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  • mllep

    Cute bag and ever-chic girl. The book is great and much cheaper on amazon.

  • SeaSaltCaramels

    it’s sooooo beauuuutiiiifullll. so obsessed.

  • louch

    Love the bunny ears on her mobile phone – oh and the bag! I have the small in a raisin goatskin and it’s TDF. Can’t believe I own a bag that Kate Moss owns!!

  • bryologue

    Very sleek in all-black!

    • anouk

      All black ensemble has been my uniform for years! Trust me, i’m no copy-Kate but my skin radiates when I’m wearing black. =)

  • anouk

    victoria beckham must take a leaf out of this British woman’s book: EFFORTLESSLY stylish are the operative words unlike the former who’s trying soooo hard! Victoria is the quintessial Brit=stiff & pathetic! oh dear! :(

  • anouk

    Ladies, you might wanna add Kate Moss to your “The Many Bags of..”.

  • Joanna

    Love this bag. Very cute!

  • http://twitter.com/_KateMossDaily Kate Moss Daily

    I believe it was Marc Jacobs who once said something along the lines of “an ugly bag on a cool girl becomes a cool bag.” The Antigona is not an ugly bag, and it would surely sell out regardless who was photographed carrying it, but let’s face it; Kate can make any bag look good. She is that cool girl who makes everything look amazing. That’s why we love her!

  • Saymama

    TOTALLY LOOOOOOVING this bag all the way from Lagos! There’s just something about it that adds a certain level of polish to any look, however, dressed up or down you may be! The latest on my LUST LIST! Thanks for making me bankrupt!

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