The Many Bags of Kate Middleton
  • Steph

    I dont get what all the fuss is about her TBH

    • Silversun

      Let’s see: she’s stylish without being attention-seeking, well brought-up, educated, and you just know from looking at her that she’s skilled in making conversation and putting people at ease. There are worse role models.

    • nnenna1881

      i agree with you steph. There is a lot of fuss but honestly i find her clothing and bag choices very boring. She has predictable style…blues, nudes, dove greys, d occasional red but everything very matchy matchy and bland…now your first lady…Michelle, she had a great time with fashion, she experiments…you cannot be a style icon if you do not experiment…even DIANA did…

      • Steph

        Ya thats what i mean, shes average looking i think and like you said her fashion choices are boring and predictable.
        Silversun, i never said she isnt a good rold model, im referring to her personal style, i dont see what the big deal is.

    • Christina

      Finally somebody is saying it. Thx! Her styling is usually nice, but slightly boring. A few times, her choices were even matronly. There are royals with much more interesting style, like Queen Ranja of Jordan, or Crown Princess Mary of Denmark or Letizia of Spain. But (unfortunately?), the Americans are obsessed with the British Royal Family, so they focus on her.
      And like you, I am only talking about her style here. She is probably a nice and kind woman.

  • Cids

    Sorry it wasn’t the Honeymoon to which she was headed; but to Canada, for their first oversees trip.

    • Amanda Mull

      You’re correct! The attribution I found yesterday was wrong. Post has been updated.

  • denton

    I actually love that blouse!

  • Laurakasbaum

    love love love Kate! I think that she always looks so polished and put together…even before she was married to Wills.

  • Purseloco

    She is beautiful, love her bags, she made an honest man out of him!

  • Bargainologist
  • Kim

    I love her style always stylish and classic with a modern twist…love her.

  • Marie Martell

    Love her also.. Such a pretty and fashionable girl and look forward to many more post like this :)

  • se7enpunk

    She’s educated in st.andrews yet she’s only had one part-time job working as a salesperson at jaegers. She receive tons of money for clothes, beauty and styling every year from tax-payer’s money for doing nothing. Apart from the fact that she’s married to the prince of England, there is absolutely nothing interesting about her whatsoever including her style – boring and matrony (her bag collection is like from a 60 year old woman’s). I never understand the fuss about her and her trashy looking sister. In fact, I never understand the whole attention we give to the royal family at all. Its ridiculous to have royalty in modern democracy in my opinion anyway

    • Peace, Love, and Handbags

      My understanding is that the tax payers foot the bill only for security for the royal family. For everything else, the royal family is self-sustained through their massive, centuries-old holdings. (I have only read this — not personally studied the royal family’s tax return.) ;-)

      I am not sure who pays for all of the pomp and ceremonies though. The Brits (and much of the rest of the world) seem to love their parties and parades. Plus, think of the immense revenue brought in through tourism and memorabilia. Lots of people get to cash in on the royal family’s events. And it’s just plain fun! I was teaching in Oxford during the queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The streets and store fronts were full of red, white, and blue and pictures of the queen throughout the decades. One could sense the celebratory spirit in the air. (Yes, I realize that not every Brit appreciates the royal family.) I felt very fortunate to be there at that time. I was even lucky enough to be at Windsor castle when the queen was in residence during the Diamond Jubilee weekend. Of course, I didn’t see her, but to be there when she was in residence during such a momentous occasion was a treat for my students and for me. (Sorry . . . I really should keep a journal!)

      Concerning modern-day royals, as an American, I am with you on that. :-)

    • sherree

      I agree with you!!! I think the royal family should be gone with, they do appsolutly nothing for the world, all kate does is get dressed up to look good and wave and smile, Now she is pregnant again, that’s all we hear about, just because she married and is with a stupid born man called a “prince”

  • Alexandra Moore

    Technically, she is not a princess. One has to be born of royal blood to be a princess. So, if she has children, only they will be princes and princesses.

    Love this blog, btw!

    • Crissy

      I wanted to say the same thing! So I agree completely that she is not a princess. Only those who are born wih the royal blood from a royalty family be given that title.

  • haiyang

    Without doubt, Kate is very attractive. I always love her bags, which show her style. I love the style. Everyone should has his or her own style, right?

  • Cameron

    I think Kate has the right to look good and wear expensive designer’s brands as long as she is not using the taxpayer’s money. Think about how hard people ( friends and families ) works in this country and pay off lots of taxes. Travelling for long distance to work everyday and if tax payer’s money are not spend wisely , then that is terrible. We really do not want another Marie Antoinette or Imelda R. Marcos.


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