Jessica Simpson My Dior Medium Handbag

The gal that John Mayer wants is a down to Earth, small town, fairy-tale sorta gal. Is that Jessica Simpson? Well, the whole MTV reality show, 3 year marriage, chicken-of-the-sea, bleach blond may not fit the description but she is sure trying. From platinum, to a few low-lights, to all over rich brunette, Jessica Simpson is yet again making a transformation in front of our eyes. We are having a hard time deciphering whether or not this is a wig, but I really like the dark tresses on her. Even better, Jess put together a great outfit; black pants, black tank, a black velvet jacket, and of course a black Christian Dior My Dior Medium Handbag. Somehow she does not look goth, rather sexy, and I love this bag on her. The My Dior handbag line is making a splash because of its simple body, frame tops, braid handle detailing, and the cute silver metal top accessory. I dig both the bag and Jess. Buy the bag via eLuxury for $1380.

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  • I absolutely love the chocolate brown hair on Jess, she looks amazing….and that bag is stunning! The whole emsemble has an understated beauty to it..

  • Purly

    Cute Jessica, really cute! You’ve given my brown-haired self some hope.

  • Becky

    Cute purse & I love jessica’s new look also.

  • Lindsey

    I love the dark tresses on her and the Dior bag. She pulls off the all black very well too, looks sleek and sexy on her!

  • DRIA


  • fashionista

    eh up chuck this ones a bit funky!

  • ambreen

    cute purse and she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • linda

    :roll: o dear u guys r so sad dis is lik a site 4 ppl hu cnt afford der own designer stuf!!:wink:

  • renuka

    My dior bag in mettallic jacquard in medium slze black colour

  • Naggy

    That bag is kinda cute. (ipad)

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