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  • ReneeO

    She’s looking extra pretty–so fit!

    • I was just checking out her legs, they are amazing!

      • ReneeO

        My thoughts exactly!!

  • Blonde_Closet

    I prefer the YSL bags before Slimane took over. The current bags are boring and overpriced!

  • shueaddict

    Ohhh, the good ole’ YSL days – About 4 years ago I think I bought a colbalt blue Roady for 995 EUR. Times before Slimane were definitely more affordable. When I thake my Roady for an outing I make sure I wear my sweatshirt that says “Ain’t Laurent without Yves”

  • ckc57tbird

    I guess you don’t like little Jessica.. That YSL is nice for travel..

  • Guest

    She looks great and so does her bag! Your snark, Emily, is uncalled for. Since when are YOU the Purse Blog’s resident social arbiter?

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