Jessica Alba carries teal Celine bag (5)

Jessica Alba was recently spotted heading to lunch in LA, carrying what we’ll call a Celine Buckle Bag. This bag either pre-dates Phoebe Philo’s advent at the brand in 2009 (and all the handbag success that came with it) or comes from very early in her tenure. Before Philo’s Luggage Tote, Celine bags didn’t garner much press, so finding specific info about bags from this era can be tricky. It shares a handle structure with the Celine Boogie Bag, the most famous of the pre-Philo Celine bags. We may not be able to date this bag with total confidence, but we invite our avid Celine aficionados to weigh in.

The rest of Jessica’s outfit is also appropriately old school – those gaudy prints of the late 1980s/early 1990s do pair especially well with black minis, tights and knee-high boots. (Though I can’t say I’m happy that someone is trying to bring gaudy grandma prints back into fashion.) Jessica is pretty adventurous with her handbag choices – you can peep at the majority of her collection in “The Many Bags of Jessica Alba” and “The Many Bags of Jessica Alba, Part Two”.

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  • ivy

    The shape looks like a makeup bag from Walmart. Cute glasses, though.

  • sapatik

    I still have and sometimes use my celine boogie…. I STILL get compliments but most people have no clue its celine.

  • dela

    The only Celine bags that made any impression on me from per-Philo days are Watch Me Work/Play/Gauffre bags. They are great-looking bags in their own right, and Gossip Girl made them popular.

  • Elisa

    Looks a bit like the “boogie” bags from when Michael Kors was creative director

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