Jessica Alba carries the Ralph Lauren Ricky Mini Crossbody Bag in LA. (5)

Here’s a beach-bound Jessica Alba, leaving Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, carrying a Ralph Lauren Ricky Mini Crossbody Bag and her bouncing baby girl Haven. This bag won’t be available until later this month, but Jessica is a longtime friend of the brand, so she got it first, natch. When it debuts, it’ll retail for a cool $1,950. For now, you can shop all the brand’s best bags via Ralph Lauren.

The Mini Ricky represents the very latest in the designer “miniaturizing” trend – brands turning their flagship designs into mini crossbodies! Particularly convenient for moms, don’t you agree? I recently went mini myself, and I already feel five pounds lighter, in terms of both physical and mental clutter. To check out a few of our fave minis from Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and more, check out our designer mini bag rundown!

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  • keely

    waaaay too much money for that sorry, when did rl really become a classic? because design and influence it just isnt

    • Puk

      I don’t get you. Brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton had to build their reputation too before people thought it was acceptable to pay that much for their bags. People were saying the same thing – that much for a purse??

      So what makes a “classic” anyway? Reputation! I know MANY bags that are made as well as a Chanel, Búrberry or Louis Vuitton bag but they don’t cost half as much – people are actually paying for the brand mostly.

      So saying that this is way too much money for a RL bag, but not a Chanel is plain stupid to me. If you like the design and you aren’t looking to sell it, then whats the difference?

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