Jennifer Garner carries a Givenchy bag in LA (5)

Jennifer Garner was recently seen shopping at Kidville in LA with her adorable son Samuel Affleck (who is startlingly blond, for a kid with two very brunette parents). She’s carrying a Givenchy Antigona Bag with a lizard-embossed finish that is loaded up with kiddie stuff to the point of losing its signature shape. You can get a regular leather version of the Antigona in a similar hue for $2,435 at Barneys.

I have to admit, when I think of broken Cheerios filling the bottom of something like a Givenchy Antigona…I get a little ill. But of course, I’m a childless freelance writer, and the Givenchy Antigona is still an aspirational bag for me, while for stupidly gorgeous A-lister mother of a hundred, Jennifer Garner, it’s apparently very functional as a high-end diaper bag substitute. I understand that we inhabit two separate worlds, in almost every respect. You can browse the rest of this celeb mom’s bag stash in “The Many Bags of Jennifer Garner”.

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  • Angie

    Is that a medium or a large?

  • louch

    I think the Large – I have the medium and it wouldn’t hold that much stuff. They are pretty tough bags. Mine is goatskin and just divine. I love how JG uses it in this way – it looks so classy and practical. To me, much more glam than a LV Neverfull (no offence to LV lovers)!!

  • D

    I saw Dallas Buyers Club last weekend. An extraordinary movie. Although her role was relatively minor, she was great. Let her tote her kid’s stuff in whatever she wants, if she keeps making great movies.

  • Guest

    “…startlingly blond, for a kid with two very brunette parents.”

    Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing.
    Many, many people are quite blonde as children and wind up as brunette adults. And who knows what Ms. Garner’s natural hair color is/was, anyway? You should confine yourself to discussing handbags instead of commenting upon the genetic makeup of people’s children.

    As for the bag itself, it’s hers and she can use it any way she damn well pleases.

    • Guest

      I thought the same thing about the hair!! What a ridiculous post

    • alpha

      Don’t forget ,”…stupidly gorgeous A-lister mother of a hundred..”
      This writer’s snarky attitude bothers me. She had the same tone while commenting on Liz Hurley a few months back.

    • amer

      u need to tone down the attitude, this is no hate zone, and lets not get into the whole, who is ignorant and who is smart debate. I’m pretty sure u won’t like the outcome :)

  • erica harel

    Any large tote with good compartments and water-resistant lining could double as a diaper bag.

  • Babs

    Obviously this writer is mentally challenged. I am really starting to wonder why I read this blog. Emily Anderson. I will remember not to click on links with her credit in the future.

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