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  • anouk

    The things i admire with this woman are: she is first & foremost a mother & dresses appropriately (Victoria Beckham MUST take a leaf out of this actress’s book!!! STAT) and her gorgeous flawless skin! Well, we here in Europe know that Victoria fails on the skin department.

  • Pixel_Queen

    She looks so “soccer mom.” Very boring for a movie star. And is there some reason that the little girl needs to be carried?

    • B

      It looks like her daughter had a pedicure, which is why Jen is carrying her.

    • Louch

      Maybe she just likes giving her daughter a cuddle??!! She looks very happy – I do the same with my 7 year old occasionally – she loves it :)

    • kneelbeforetigers

      She’s such a good mom. Look at how excited her daughter is to be hanging out with her! And also: paps in LA will reach out for little kids to get pics… she probably is very wary of letting her kids out of her reach. I feel so sorry for little ones of celebs :(

  • Alix

    you gave the wrong price i believe the all leather costs $2700 now the canvas and leather is $2400.

  • rukhsana parveen


  • Ohney

    I like her. She’s very simple & motherly….

  • good

  • Selin

    Is this soft leather or pebbled leather?

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