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Jennifer Garner was snapped in Santa Monica this week ferrying her adorbs daughter Seraphina around in one arm and the ever stylish black Celine Luggage Tote in the other. From the looks of Seraphina’s tiny feet, they may very well be on their way back from a mommy-daughter spa date. More on all that celeb spawn cuteness in a moment, but first, this absolutely vital bit of information: you can get the Celine Luggage Tote in stores for $2400 – it is STILL not, as of yet, available online. Which is a TRAVESTY.

Middle child Seraphina recently partied down with big sis Violet as Violet celebrated her 7th b-day with friends and fam at the Los Angeles Build-A-Bear. (Stars, they’re just like us…) They were of course in the company of their dad, Ben Affleck (you know, the guy from that movie Good Will Hunting? And a few others…), and their littlest bro, Samuel. Many a bear was stuffed that day.

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  • anouk

    The things i admire with this woman are: she is first & foremost a mother & dresses appropriately (Victoria Beckham MUST take a leaf out of this actress’s book!!! STAT) and her gorgeous flawless skin! Well, we here in Europe know that Victoria fails on the skin department.

  • Pixel_Queen

    She looks so “soccer mom.” Very boring for a movie star. And is there some reason that the little girl needs to be carried?

    • B

      It looks like her daughter had a pedicure, which is why Jen is carrying her.

    • Louch

      Maybe she just likes giving her daughter a cuddle??!! She looks very happy – I do the same with my 7 year old occasionally – she loves it :)

    • kneelbeforetigers

      She’s such a good mom. Look at how excited her daughter is to be hanging out with her! And also: paps in LA will reach out for little kids to get pics… she probably is very wary of letting her kids out of her reach. I feel so sorry for little ones of celebs :(

  • Alix

    you gave the wrong price i believe the all leather costs $2700 now the canvas and leather is $2400.

  • rukhsana parveen


  • Ohney

    I like her. She’s very simple & motherly….

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  • Selin

    Is this soft leather or pebbled leather?

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